Rebirthing: a Tree

I’m currently working on a tiny collage book project. I’m creating 20 little booklets, each with 24 pages. To make my own aesthetic pieces, I purchased a little wireless picture printer. While I enjoy cutting from magazines, I prefer to write in my own words.

I appreciate using art to explore creative processes and to write books. Here’s a quick look at page one of book one.

Elite Hide and Seek

Sometimes the soul is so scared it floats away. Grabbing imaginary balloons, she drifts above the fields where they hunt her, the men from the program, whose harsh fingers she cannot escape.

I Worry For Them

In the quiet of night I worry for them. They are sleepless children, trapped and unsafe, waiting, hoping that one day, they will come first. Night turns to day turns to night. Time disappears. The flight of the soul is prevalent, and we must fight to insure they are protected.